Patrick Mavoungou


About me

Patrick is a culinary artist who likes to give his audience a thrill in a meal. His hands were formed by the world-renowned chefs, La France. His quest for creative culinary art has been marinated by the appetite of customers from all over the world. His Professionalism and discipline was refined by services he rendered in leading 5 stars luxury hotels, in what was initially a difficult trip, but which paved the way for his pleasure to work with various teams in the kitchen to satisfy the taste buds of different customers.

Patrick’s career began in 2007 where he served as an apprentice in the kitchen of Provencal stopover. It wasn’t an easy task to meet the perfectionists of a hotel kitchen in France. different aspects of the preparation of food, the teamwork, the pleasure of the client and work with different recipes.

In 2009, at the Grand Hotel Bordeaux and spa,  he attained the level of a head chef alongside  french chefs Pascal Nibeaudau and Olivier Garnier. It is in this grand luxury hotel, under the mentoring and inspiration of these two chefs that Patrick’s passion grew professionally. He perfected his skills to meet the growing demand of cultural specialties, excellent presentations, fast foods and tasty and effectively coordinate kitchen teams.

Patrick’s passion improved when he joined  the 5 star luxury hotel of Joel Robuchon  where he worked alongside the most influential french chef and star of French post-nouvelle cuisine, Joël Robuchon 27 star in the Michelin guide. He taught a variety of French and Eastern  traditional and contemporary culinary techniques. During his visit, the restaurant was awarded 2 Michelin stars.

In 2016, he joined the city of wine Restaurant 7 panoramic and enriched his culinary practice with additional skills and exposure in a variety of cultural cuisine and internationally sought after.

Patrick has acquired a cocktail of culinary experiences and wishes to share this knowledge with different cultures. His current goal is Nairobi, Kenya, where he delighted the kitchen of the Secret garden and olpul as Chief Executive consultant. He has always wanted to work in Africa, and an excellent opportunity to share his knowledge to help people develop the art and passion of culinary excellence.

I’m a passionate chef! For me there is no kitchen without passion. I always try to make fun and share my passion for cooking and products.

Chef Patrick Mavoungou