On my journey to East and western Africa to promote Afro-fusion and share my love for Africa’s rich cuisine, i was blown away by the desire of some young chefs,whose goal is to reinvent African cuisine.Enthusiastic,creative,determined,these culinary artists hope for one thing: Universalize African Gastronomie.

But their path is littered with pitfalls,  amidst lack of Equipments,new skills,social prejudices, African chefs are struggling to be known.

Thus the birth of Chefs-In-Africa,whose goal is to shed light on African Gastronomy. Thanks to this platform, young and talented chefs will be narrating their culinary Journey and philosophy and use  this opportunity to boost their careers.

Chefs-In-Africa wants to be the crossroad to these energetic young men and women, from Abidjan to Cape,Nairobi to Tokyo,pointe noire to New York ,to portray Africa from a different perspective,boldly and Gastronomically.

Your “Afrovisionist”

Dieuveil Malonga