Emilie N Kasonga

Emilie N Kasonga

About me

My name is Emilie N Kasonga, born  in Congo DRC, grew up in Belgium. My first meal I prepared was when I was 9 years old was Rice and Beans. Growing up in a family of 14 people,I was  forced to cook all the time and  in large portions.

After I finished secondary school, I had the opportunity to study in the  kitchen of  2 hours theory and 2 hours practical. That’s where my desire to cook was born, then, little by little it became  a passion. I have perfected myself over time. I love decorating dishes and making buffets.

I trained myself after high school and  I studied Business at the university. I started working as a caterer and event organizer solo for several years. I read a lot of cookbooks and watched TV shows,then finally in 2014, I decided to go to the hotel school in Leuze in Belgium. Where, I just made my first year. (By constraint). I have partnered with a friend and a businessman. We opened / took over a restaurant on Avenue Louise in Brussels (412), which I unfortunately left after 4 months and then I continued working alone as before.

In October 2015, I decided to return to Africa (DRC) to  continue my activities. Organizer of events (Great Lakes dinner, corporate parties and dinners, Weddings, birthdays, baptisms, snacks).

In May 2016, I took over a restaurant (Fleur de Lys) in Kinshasa and work there, to this day.

My kitchen remains traditional, (terroir). I love food, Congolese, I like to work with  our local products. I love spices, I love making spices. I want to open a grocery store.

I would like to make African gastronomy a day like My favorite, Loïc Dablé.

I dream of going around the Congo, to  discover  the kitchens of each village, to emphasize the Congolese cuisine and especially our products and also host  a culinary show like Dieuveil Malonga

I would like to share my knowledge.

Emilie N Kasonga