Instant Chocolat


Instant chocolate is a production of three young men , Axel Emmanuel,Yvan Patrick et Marc Arthur. On a complementary course,they are reunited around one product: CHOCOLATE

At the origin, Axel Emmanuel, graduate in public law and of political science, holder of a master’s degree in taxation and banking. He gave up all for his passion: CHOCOLATE.  he won various competitions such as ”Champion du Chocolat et pâtisserie”of ivory

Coast of the year 2014, the Vice Champion of Africa 2014 in the same  domain and finally,  the Super Price  of Alassane Ouattara for the Young Innovative Entrepreneur 2015 ,organized by the District of Abidjan in Ivory Coast.

Mac Arthur, holder of a master’s degree in advertising, communication, joined the adventure to work out all on the commercial and marketing actions of the start-up. He brings to this young structure  his passion for communication, his quest for challenge and his capacity of managing the innovation.

Lastly, Yvan Patrick. Graduate in business communication, he  acts as a graphic designer and community manager, but he is also the  designer of our original packaging. He is the “Monsieur Packaging” of the team. Fan of sport of combat, photography and cinema, he immortalizes every moment of the startup.

To understand the Chocolate adventure Urgency is necessary.  Ivory Coast, in the capacity as first cocoa producing country . The raw material is present in profusion,  but to find chocolate is a luxury.

However, whole Africa manufactures only chocolate 3%, which is very little as for the request of the more and more growing  population to taste local chocolate.

The Instant Chocolate idea is thus to make  Ivorians consume chocolate like Attiéké and Alloko (for those who do not know Attiéké is a semolina of cassava very much used in the famous garba and  Alloko is a dish containing ripe plantains fried with oil. beautiful challenges are thus fixed which cuts out in various axes  summarized below:

to produce the least expensive bar of chocolate in Africa;

to create jobs (today, the production unit counts about ten people);

to popularize the chocolate.

Axel the chocolate manufacturer, works with an agronomist to produce taste chocolate with cocoa glares,orange,ginger,Baobab tree, pepper, Bissap… In a nutshell, with spices and flavours all over Africa.

little more  ”Instant Chocolate” is the use of graphics and architecture to create chocolates which are just like collector’s items. you wouldn’t  want to eat them,they are so much  beautiful, precise and resembles wood sculptures.

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