Atieke Prod

The Craft of attieke Fabrication

It is in Abidjan in the town of Cocody – Riviera Anono that we met madam Sangaré A.G, a big producer of Attiéké. she did not hesitate to receive us at her house to give us an insight on this product so liked by Ivorians.What is it Attiéké?

attiéké is a couscous from cassava. It is in general prepared by the women who regroup in teams for production with a view to reducing expenses.

Stages of preparation are the following: manioc is first put to ferment in water during days. It is then dried in the sun, then crushed, spun and again hang out to dry. It passes to the stage of winnowing afterwards to be lastly cooked in the steam. All these stages allow to eliminate cyanhydrique acid that cassava contains of course.

This product is very consummate by the population of the Ivory Coast today and it makes, for some years, the object of a strong request in Europe. That’s why these women decided to go shopping at the market by the exponential way by importing it, while continuing satisfying request place.