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Ilia Pouchkar currently works as an ndependent pastry instructor, and a pastry chef anywhere in the world. am  trilingual,fluent in French, Russian and English and has dual Russian citizenship.

With several experiences in luxury hotels and palace, opening of hotel and restaurant, pastry shop and training in pastry on the African continent and the middle East.

Ilia Pouchkar first holds several positions of pastry chef while a seasonal in the Mas of Estel Private Beach at the side of the head chef Xavier Lanier, next to St Tropez and in Alsace at l’Hôtel La Verte Vallée.

In 2012, his meeting with the Chef Philippe Bossert master chef of France allows him to integrate the Kempinski Hotel Group,in Djibouti, and the Seychelles.

In 2015, a new encounter to enrich his knowledge at Pik Palace and Park Chalet Hotel in Azerbaijan by Autograph Collection with the renowned chef, Didier Jacob.

At 27,Ilya Pouchkar has already discovered more than 10 countries in his professional book. Ireland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Republic of Djibouti, Seychelles, Republic of the Congo-Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Togo, Rwanda, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Senegal, Russia…
This young pastry chef has a versatility and a mastery  in pastry, chocolate, gelato, Chocolate sculpture with also good knowledge in bakery.



Ilia Pouchkar

Ilia Pouchkar

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