Albert Nãffy

Albert Nãffy


I am Albert Nãffy, 19 years old, Kenyan born and house trained chef. I felt in love with cooking still when I was young, about 10 years old when I used to help out in Kitchen work in my family small kitchen. Little did I know that my passion and mostly my life would centralize on food. My passion grew day by day, following chefs through media, Facebook groups, cooking shows and teaching myself some simple dishes which ingredients were locally available and which I could afford and which didn’t call for special equipments….when I turned I finished high school, wanted to join a culinary school but I lacked the school fees but that didn’t shake me. I applied to The White Rhino Hotel, Nyeri, Kenya for apprenticeship and to my luck and through God Favour, I was accepted and that was my introduction to the culinary world. All I summarize it to God work and by the same God help, I will be working with the Hilton Garden Inn Hotels,,,

Personally, I believe you can be better and be one of the best Chefs in the world as far as Passion is all that drives you..I am Passion driven and I usually make sure I learn something new at least everyday or every week and work to its perfection when time allows.

I look forward to work alongside beat Chefs in Kenya, Africa, Europe, Asia, America, Australia and the rest of the World as I believe if I want to be one of the best. I must try hard and work with the likes of Gordon, Marco White, Heston Blumenthal among our African Chefs like Chef Malonga, Chef Rubia, Chef Alvie, Chef Collins among many others..and mostly those who want to see our continents’ cuisine is Internationally recognised and upheld.

I personally dream of opening my own hotel in Kenya and probably a junior chef competition and academy to help the young aspiring chefs and even those small kids who want to be better chefs in future, to create that favourable and welcoming attitude for them.