Ahamada Binali

Ahamada Binali


My name is chef Ahamada Binali,I am  43 years old , originally from the Comoros, the islands of the Moon, in the Indian Ocean. I reside in France, in Paris, where I am familiar with the cuisine and the gastronomy of the world. I started cooking at a very young age,with the aid of my mother. I decided to guide my studies towards culinary arts .I worked for seven years in a small brewery-restaurant in Paris where I learned and forged my knowledge of the French cuisine.My appetite for cooking is really confirmed  after several trips to the Comoros. I realized that there was a good perspective in Africa in the areas of the kitchen and the gastronomy. It is then  after more than twenty (20) years in the gastronomy, I founded in 2014 Massiwani Traiteur (Catering of the islands in Comorian).. A sensory journey combining flavors of Africa and those of the rest of the world, all with an accompaniment and personalized services according to the desires and tastes, thanks to my team. At the same time I have perfected my managerial and room service skills in various institutions.

I wanted to acquire complementary skills in order to make full use of my status of a chef. This has enabled me to enrich my experience but also to bring an attentive look to other policies, other strategies and fix new objectives more inclined to my projects in Africa. After having worked in different gourmet restaurants in Paris, such as the George V on the Champs-Elysées or even among Carette on the Place du Trocadéro, today I devote myself fully to my status of chef entrepreneur at the service of Africa through Massiwani Caterer: Be Live 4 Africa, Black Farenheit, Eden5 or yet AKM design evolution, we are working for the recognition of the African Gastronomy During our various partnerships.

I opted for a modern and creative cuisine while putting to honor the different variants of  African cuisine. Voluntarily, I do not propose  traditional cuisine, I promote a cuisine for expression and development. Beyond the Gourmand aspect and aesthetics, I define my kitchen as a further ground for the Union for the African community. The African gastronomy is full of flavors and has a huge potential. On the other hand, it allows us to learn to know each other, it fully deserves its place on the economic market.

My vision on the long term is to  constitute an afro-contemporary gastronomy design which will commercialize  different  products and flavors that will make us the incubators and Vectors for substantial economic Development of Africa. Investing in  gastronomy gives an opening to other sectors such as tourism, hotels, agriculture, education and many others.. Let us use our skills as a force for the development of the African continent.

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