Mame Sow

About me

My name is Mame Sow I was born and raised in Dakar, Senegal. I moved to New York City when I was 11 years old. While living in Dakar I used to always help my aunt cook.And go to the market with her. Those are memories that I will always remember and share. And in some ways it shaped my future.

I didn’t become interested in being a pastry chef professionally until my second year in high school, before that I wanted to be an architect. My first restaurant job was at a fine dining restaurant in Chelsea manhattan where I worked as a garde manger cook. Once I gained experience in culinary I decided to focus on pastry and gain more knowledge and experience by working in different restaurants, hotels and bakeries.

I’ve worked with some amazing chefs,one being Marcus Samuelsson for a few years. I would say my vision is to be part of the movement to bring Africa’s unique culinary background to the forefront. I love using ingredients from back home such as baobab and experimenting with them to use in desserts you wouldn’t normally associate with it.

My ultimate goal is to open a hospitality school in Senegal. I would love for it to focus on pastry and baking and also have my own hotels and be able to employ people especially the younger generation so they can learn more about entrepreneurship and that we can accomplish our goals.


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Images of my cooking