Honor Toudissa

Honor Toudissa

About me

Cooking  is a vocation for this third son in a family of ten children. I started cooking at a young age.  I was assigned as the family Cook. “At home, my specialty was  vegetable salads and fruit and my father was furious when I missed a salad.”

After two  years at the Marien Ngouabi University, in the early 90s, I abandoned my studies in literature and foreign languages. I later enrolled into culinary on the advice of the superior of a Catholic congregation where I Spent a holiday internship and where my salads were a great success.

I graduated from hotel and restaurant management and food production, before  obtaining a certification in culinary art and restoration,in Congolese cuisine .”I was always upset to see how Kenyans were valorizing their tourism and culture. I started writing a project on Congolese cuisine’, I recalls. Back in Congo, he created the Liboke space,a congolese gourmet restaurant in Ouenze  in the 5th district of Brazzaville (the restaurant was blown by the explosions of the Armory of Mpila, March 4, 2012 ED).

A hit with gourmets. “I find his cuisine interesting and original . It highlights the value of products typical of the country or region in an original way, different from the traditional preparation. I particularly like the stuffed safou, a little wonder. “, testifies  Caroline.

“I love the maboke kitchen, cooking in cassava leaves gives a special flavor to dishes. That is, how to say… a trip in the forest and the Congolese savanna. In addition, this chef has managed to put insects in my mouth, and I found this… delicious”, it’s ecstatic,says Paul.

Today, I run a small restaurant in Poto-Poto (3rd district of Brazzaville), shape young cooks to the valorisation of local dishes and works to create a Liboke village, a kind of Congolese gastronomy Academy.

Until we make it one of the best cuisines in the world and pass the liboke (A mode of cooking food in cassava leaves over steam) as appellation controlled from the equatorial forest.

A fine ambition. That it can defend within several international associations of gastronomy, of which it is a member. In the ranks of which: world association for barbecues, the African Union of cooks, and the Slow Food International association for the promotion of the global kitchen.