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About me

Accountant in training, Christelle Vougo was not destined to become a cook.pushed by curiosity and passion for gastronomy,she found herself working in the kitchen and serving in Restaurants in the United States,notably in North Carolina,Texas and Georgia.Her husband and associate, Frank Anet, stem from a family of Caterers. After working for different family Restaurants in Abidjan for about 5 years,he traveled to the United States in 2004. In 2005, the couple opened ”The Avenue” in the heart of Atlanta.During the period of five years, the had bought the hearts of tourists and inhabitants Georgia through their extensive cuisine,innovative cocktails,and above all a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.In 2011,Christelle and Frank returned to their home country Ivory Coast,where they started a new exploit.In July 2011,they opened ”NORIMA” a Restaurant situated on two highlands.It fast became a local reference for American dishes.

In 2012,they opened another restaurant ”Le SAAKAN” which specialized on African gastronomy,mostly Ivorian. The couple suggested revisited African dishes by Chef Vougo with a personal touch.

2015 was the birth of ”THIAMAYA” a restaurant that offered a fusion of Thai and Mexican cuisine,which later closed its doors in early 2016. Between this period ”Le ZANDA” a catering company was created,which was later followed by the opening of the last but not the least restaurant ”LE MONDIAL”,which was seen as a revelation for the culinary artists,they were very meticulous in their latest creations.It was not strange to find crocodile meat and Guinea fowl in their dishes,accompanied with sweet potatoes and sauces from home and abroad.

With the management of 3 high end restaurants and a catering service, Chef Christelle Vougo has become the ”Celebrity Chef” of the capital city of Ivory Coast.

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