Max Gnamien

Max Gnamien


My name is Max Gnamien, I’m 24 years old French Ivorian.I was born in Abidjan and I live in France.After completing my high school studies in literature ,I decided to pursue culinary Arts,after discovering the the profession from a pre-training ,I later enrolled into ” Ecole Hoteliere de DAX France” where I spent 3 years of training.

However, my love for cooking was discovered before this period. As a kid I loved being in the kitchen with my grandmother who was of  caribbean origins and my grandPa who would always cook his famous ”Kedjenou de poisson” after he came back from fishing.Through my culinary journey. I have had the opportunity to meet with Chefs who have showed me the right path,like Mr Jean Marie Gautier who always told me ” cooking is communication” and Chef DIEUVEIL MALONGA with his ”Afro-Fusion” concept which rekindled in me the interest of the vast African culinary heritage.

During these years,I have had the opportunity of working at ”Hotel du Palais le Biarritz”,but also discovering countries like England & Scotland,who are reputable for their meat.

I gain my inspiration from Chefs like,Massimo Buttura for his Nostalgic cuisine,Chef Dable for his courage, and Dieuveil Malonga for his out of the ordinary creations.

African cuisine is very vast,unexploited and has a lot to offer,we shouldn’t hesitate to go back to our roots,to learn our grandmother’s secret recipes and spices with which they used to nurture us.

Through these years I have tried and I continue to make my bosses and colleagues discover African cuisine,it’s always a pleasure for me to see them smile when they taste a ” Yassa de poulet” or ”Sauce Graine”.I think is our sole responsibility to put African Gastronomy on the lime light, and give it the value it deserves