Head chef,

I am called Jeanne,I’m 29 years old, I am from French and Reunion origins.I grew up on a historic Island in  the middle of the Indian ocean, whose cultural blend is felt in It’s cuisine.

My grandmother’s food rocked my teenage ages,she was my first source of  inspiration,I gained a lot of culinary skill from her,from the mixture of creole,Hindu,Asiatic,African and french spices…This authentic cuisine has been lost since the days of our ancestors.At the age of 16,i wanted to foster my passion in cooking,I got enrolled into CENTHOR Saint Gilles .After obtaining my certificate in cuisine,I became active in service.I worked with lots of renowed Chefs.A course for a diverse cuisine.I worked with traditional French Chef Fred. B at ”Le Cabane”’,gastronomy Chef Thierry C and Creole chef Elie A.

In 2008, I traveled for the first time to Geneva with the goal of enriching my culinary skills,I worked in different posts in the kitchen,this made me gain knowledge on Swiss cuisine.Geneva is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it’s gastronomy remains my best memory.

In 2010,I got an offer to work as a chef for a Reunion restaurant; La Capeline,this was an opportunity for me to appreciate my cuisine.I lost my mother from cancer and I wanted to abandon everything at one point. I was called by a recruiting agency, to represent my Island in a program on M6 TV channel.This was an opportunity for me to talk about myself to the whole of France. The program “Ils ont quitte l’ille ensoleillee pour la grisaille Parisienne”  was aired on the 18th of April 2011.This gave me the courage to move on with my career.

After the change of owners of Le Capeline restaurant,I left my job and began cooking at home.I also practiced in many institutions, where the bosses were confident of my exotic cuisine.I have an Instagram page where I post my works.

My main goal is to portray Reunion cuisine to the world.I want to open my own restaurant,but while waiting,I still have a long road to walk in the culinary world. Africa and Asia are continents that needs to be explored,they have been a source of my culinary growth.And I will like to launch a fight against Cancer,which  is something I have close to my heart.