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Respect – Professionalism – Generosity – Ethics

Château du Vivier
Our mission is to transmit technique and managerial knowledge with the highest standards in order to prepare our students for the best careers in the world.


For 25 years, Institut Paul Bocuse has been actively participating in evolutions in culinary practices and hospitality management.
Since 2008, the approach of the Center for Food and Hospitality Research Center has focused on the relationship between people and food. We look at this question though three perspectives: health and wellness; flavor and enjoyment; economics and management.

“Our professions are professions of passion. Here, our organization is thought out so that everyone can dare to demonstrate openness and develop their aptitudes and talents. That means one’s capacity to be organized and to lead creative and innovative evolution. Confident in their way of becoming an active player, a remarkable entrepreneur in hospitality, food service and the culinary arts anywherein the world.”

The uniqueness of the education at Institut Paul Bocuse is our desire to train men and women who will have a role in an aspect of our society that I consider essential in today’s world, and no doubt in the world of tomorrow: the flavor and hospitality that characterize French culture.”
Hervé Fleury, Executive Vice-President of Institut Paul Bocuse

Hervé Fleury, Executive Vice-President of Institut Paul Bocuse
Choosing the Institut Paul Bocuse means choosing a career inspired by a passion for hospitality and culinary arts professions. Studying at the Institut puts each of our students on the path to Excellence. Welcoming students to the Institut means sharing the values that inspire our teaching staff, as well as thousands of graduates and former students who now work in the hospitality and restaurant industry in 78 countries.

“Crucible of talents and technical, managerial and scientific expertise, Institut Paul Bocuse is at the service of innovation and development for Business.”

ID – Innovation & Development at Institut Paul Bocuse is capable of satisfying the managerial process for projects, from their initiation phase up to product launches and their assessment. It is centered around four areas of interdependent activity where the synergy between fields of expertise constitutes a powerful and original asset.

“Happiness is a great kitchen” Paul Bocuse

Institut Paul Bocuse also offers cooking courses for passionate non-professionals and provides bespoke training and consultation services to professionals and higher education establishments in the hospitality & foodservice industries, in France and internationally.

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