The Higher School of Hospitality and Restaurants

With the creation of 75,000 rooms before 2015, « Algeria is going to be one of the leading tourist destinations in the near future. » (EUROMONITOR, 2007).

A governmental momentum (Map Destination Algeria) was undertaken in recent years to increase the share of tourism in Algeria compared to neighboring countries. The goal is to make Algeria a real short-term tourist destination through the creation of 7 tourist centers throughout the country.

In addition, the African continent is rapidly developing its attractiveness by investing as well in the development of tourism-related infrastructure, hospitality and catering. These developments are made to last and therefore open up good prospects for the Algerian youth.

The need for trained staff, with a customer-oriented mindset and knowledge of international best practices will therefore be important in the coming years.

The Higher School of Hospitality and Restaurants (HSHRA) is directly involved in this development perspective, by offering training of excellence to enable graduate students to participate in this touristic dynamic and start a career in a market demanding human resources of excellence.

HSHRA is a public institution, non-profit organization offering international quality training of hospitality jobs. It has a modern infrastructure and advanced education in science, art and management techniques and hospitality jobs.

In cooperation with the actors in the National and International hospitality industry, the curricula have been specifically defined to meet market expectations. The proposed training will allow students to access the labor market through training responding perfectly to the needs of the industry of today and the coming days, by bringing a considerable competitiveness to start a successful career.