Keabetsoe Molise

Keabetsoe Molise


My name is Keabetsoe Molise, I’m  23 years old and  from Lesotho, but I live in South Africa .

I started exploring the hospitality field by taking cooking classes from 2009, where I developed a keen interest in learning about culinary. I would say that the person who got me interested in learning more about cooking was my grandmother, because I would always help her prepare meals when growing up.  


I went on to pursue  hospitality studies a field that I focused on throughout my secondary education. I started off by studying hospitality from grade 7 until grade 10 at Gresswold School in Johannesburg, I then progressed onto completing my hospitality management course at the TVET Central Johannesburg College.   

As much as I haven’t been fortunate enough to travel around the world to gain knowledge and international exposure, such is definitely one of my goals. I believe that one learns more from first hand exposure. However I do think that I am a person who has made the most of the little yet significant exposure that I have been fortunate enough to have experienced. Out of the chefs that I have worked with, my most memorable experience is working with Nompumelelo Mqwebu ( ).

From the exposure that I gained from working with Nompumelelo Mqwebu, I now inspire to become a chef that has an immense amount of knowledge on the cuisine of as many regions within the South African country as possible. I am very hardworking and determined to obtain such, so that I can  travel to other countries and share my knowledge, as well as receive knowledge from chefs who specialize in the cuisine of international countries.   

Well because I have worked with many great African chefs from New Orleans, Italy and chefs from Germany , Mauritius ,Zambia ,Uganda ,Senegal,Nigeria during the time of Mzansi International Culinary Festival which is hosted by Africa Meets Europe Cuisine I got the opportunity to learn as much African gastronomy cultural dishes during the time of the festival,I would gladly share the knowledge I have learned with others as much as I’m  willing to learn more about the culinary African gastronomy .