chef Steve

chef Steve


I am chef Steve from Kenya aged 24 years. Born and raised in kenya from luhya culture am in love with culinary arts personally Love for African cuisine.

I started my journey in culinary arts when I was in high school level, which was loop influenced by my Swahili aunty from coast kenya and my my uncle who is the executive chef in one of biggest hotels in kenya through cooking at their home place they trained me how to combine most of ingredients and Swahili spices.

In 2013 i was introduced in the kitchen at aturkan hotel  as steward through that my passion for food went to the next level as I wanted to be one of best professional chef. I joined kenya utalii college where I did a course in food production which I completed in 2016

My journey for culinary arts was influenced by celebrities chef mostly chef Rubia from Kenya who is the best young celebrity chef in kenya he mentored me and added more skills through internship at his hotel.chef rubia is my mentor who I always seek professional advice from him.

I have worked with tune hotels,safari park hotel.Serena currently am working as assistant head chef at oloiboni hotel which is the home for best kenyan dishes.

My dream is to be one of best professional chefs in Africa and also be a mentor to others.