Balouti Ottataud Pascal Andre

Balouti Ottataud Pascal Andre


My name is Balouti Ottataud Pascal Andre, I’m 25, Congolese by nationality and I reside in Brazzaville.

It takes love to express everything you do in life, since my young age, I had love for the kitchen, doing the dishes after lunch with family before or after I get back from school. in 2007, my elder  brother, Executive chef in Switzerland gave me the basis and registered me into a culinary school where I began my journey.

I have had the chance to work with many top chefs from Europe, Asian and African, foreign flavours and  spices, worked with hotel chains like Radisson Blu Hotel, Group Virginia, Le Meridien, and the Grand Hotel in Kinshasa to enhance the African cuisine specifically Congolese..

My vision is to shed light on congolese cuisine which is slowly disappearing, revisit our recipes and put them on a world class standard.

I would love to come to the aid of the younger generation who are in the same field and those who want to learn to defend and valorize African cuisine.