Anele Alfred Nqayi

Anele Alfred Nqayi



Name: Anele Alfred Nqayi

Country of birth: South Africa

Country of Residence USA

Diploma in Culinary arts (Pastry)

The Birth of my Culinary love  started in 2013 at  my First 5* hotel  job. The Saxon Where I met celebrity Chef David Higgs who introduced me to Pastry Chef Minette Smith. Chef Minette then tought me a lot,then I realised I have always had a love for pastry.

In  2010 I was interviewed by People Magazine article “Alfreds Fortunate Cookies” I supplied One of the best Jozis Home Industry named “Koljiander” located in Melville. And in 2013  I was appointed as Vaal youth ambassador for the great things the Mayor heard about me on Radio and was interviewed by John Robbie about my background and my passion of baking. In Chef Minette Smith and I demonstrated a red velvet cake on a SABC 2 Show by the Name of Life 24/7. Thanks to Mr Thabo Pitso Show producer Selae Thobangile Presenter.

The top Chefs I have  worked with and worked for are  Celebrity Chef David Higgs (Saxon), Pastry Chef Minette Smith (HTA) And SA team, Chef Candice Phillips (Saxon) and ambassador of South African Chefs, Chef Stephen Billingham( HTA )And President of (SACA), Pastry chef Cherry Pin (Hilton) Chef  Rejoice Moyo (Hilton) . All of these Chefs above are my inspiration to my success.

I was trained to always work fast and complete the work expected of  you. Do  that  and you can get time to explore and learn  more in the kitchen,thirdly work  like you’re at work and always  ask questions because there is nothing like a  stupid  question in the kitchen. Always  come in 30 minutes  earlier and stay late. Above all  respect ingredients,stay consistent and mutual respect for your team.

I am very passionate pastry Chef, who is dedicated and always eager to learn. I believe as a chef we learn every day and no one is better than the other but wisdom of making a change and understanding your surroundings especially your clientele is very important because that’s were your support comes from. So I guess I’m  the chef that delivers what my guests request and add a technic to it instead of doing what I think is normal.  My Vision for African Gastronomy is to see us making it Globally like: Chef Dieuveil Malonga.

For me I  believe  as African Chef,we need to also focus on our food and become creative so that the African Gastronomy can be Globally and well recognized.  

My initiatives to promote our heritage of African Gastronomy is to teach other chefs worldwide and share our recipes as we now have opportunities to work in other countries.