Tiacoh Charles-Emmanuel

Tiacoh Charles-Emmanuel


My name is Tiacoh Charles-Emmanuel, of Ivorian origin, I am 29 years old, chef cook in French gastronomy and graduated with a mention in restaurant dessert.

I fell into the craft a little late at the age of 21 animated by the curiosity and know-how of the chefs in the elaboration of the recipes. So I chose to do my classes in Brittany in a marine environment that allowed me to always stay in touch with my native Cote d’Ivoire.

Throughout my training I had the chance to meet starred chefs like Chef Loïc Le Bail who gave me the taste and passion of the trade.
I learned respect for nature, products, the meticulous work of farmers and fishermen who for me are the true stars of our profession and we want to showcase their products in our various restaurants.

During my adventure I had the opportunity to have a place of chef and to obtain two toques at Gault and Millau and a nice appreciation in 2016.

My kitchen is feminine,colorful and generous. I consider myself a cosmopolitan cook because I like to appreciate the different spaces and the products that are proposed to me depending on where I am.
I like to bring my personality and a first desire to adopt the culture of French, Vietnamese, Italian, Spanish gastronomy etc …

I believe in the development of African gastronomy,thanks to its various varieties of organic products that just demand to be sublimated.
I encourage all my colleagues to dare to let their imaginations and innovation speak. We have examples like the chefs Malonga and Christian Yumbi who have started to showcase and image African gastronomy which will be recognized and not called as often exotic cuisine but rather African gastronomy.