My name is cremieux Ndiaye,I am 40 years old and I was born in Rufisque (Senegal). I have been living in Spain since 2002.After my primary and secondary education in Dakar,I did a two years course in Accounting at the Polytechnic University of Dakar.I later started work in a cement company (SOCOCIM) later at ARC PLUS (Procurement services) at Rufisque.

In 2002, I traveled to France, but after six months in Montpellier ,I decided to go to Spain where my culinary journey all began.I worked on strawberry farms for about 8months,and I  later spent 3 months selling on Vigo beach.On the 04th of December 2002,I got my first job at the Pantry at Big Ben Restaurant (Mellerussa).I became a kitchen help 3 months later for chef Chef Ricardo Viu.I was responsible for doing all the prep for the chef.I took entry of all food products that got to the kitchen,at the same time I acted as a cleaner after every service, this was a beautiful opportunity for me.I started buying cookery books and I took part time studies in 2003-2004. I later became responsible for all starters and Desserts at Big Ben Restaurant.

After these experiences,I extended my culinary journey to different Spanish Restaurants,I work presently at Restaurant Alzumar (Lerida)

there is still a lot to be done as concerns African gastronomy. Chefs who have lived in both Africa and Europe have a lot of challenges. If we become united ,we will surely attain our objectives.

Africa has a lot of unexploited natural resources,we need to go back to where it all started,our grandmothers,mothers and sisters have been  very good cooks.I would love to accentuate on the training of young cooks,and why not create more training institutions.

Lastly my goal is to open an Afro-European Restaurant in my country Senegal.