I am called Marta Tembe,am 36 years old of Mozambican and Portuguese nationality.I have been living in France since 2009.I hold a Diploma in International Relations at the University of Minho in Portugal. My love for cooking nested as a result of my travels to Europe,South and North America.

In 2015, I obtained my ”CAP”.My culinary journey was not easy because I had to juggle between work and studies.I got the opportunity to kick off my career in two of the most renowned restaurants in Paris:

– Le Climats:I worked with the team of chef Julien Boscus,and participated in various activities that gave the Restaurant its first Michelin star.

-L’amie Jean: working with chef Stephane Jego, I acquired a great experience which permitted me to evolve in my profession and also gained autonomy.

I later continued my culinary journey in England where I had the opportunity to work at Ash Down Park and French Horn Hotels.these were very rich experiences. I later participated in the opening of ”Do Cafe de L’homme” which is merged with ” Do Musee de L’homme”.

From my rich Culinary journey, I can define my cuisine as multicultural,based on French culinary techniques ,while putting African products at the forefront. My main objective is to promote African cuisine with a modern flare.