Kwame Annom Amfo-Akonnor

Kwame Annom Amfo-Akonnor


My name is Kwame Annom Amfo-Akonnor I am 22 and a final year business administration student. I am Ghanaian, born and raised in Ghana and resides in its capital city, Accra.

I am yet to receive a bachelor’s degree in business management upon graduating in May this year. I am a self-taught chef. My love and passion for food begun at a very young age and at the age of 16 I wanted to own a chain of fine dining restaurants. Growing up I used spend a lot of time in the kitchen with my mum, learning some tricks in culinary as an art. In my sophomore year in the university I decided to take the bold step to start the journey to fulfil my dreams by starting a small company Called Biishville. Biishville provides pop up dining and offers private chef services and currently introduced restaurant takeovers.

I have had no formal training in culinary by going to a culinary school. I am self-taught. I host nomadic dining sessions once a month and offer a lot of private chef services in homes and restaurants. Starting Biishville has been a great experiences. The Idea behind Biishville is to bring people together to enjoy good food, network and basically revive the African way of families sitting together to eat which is becoming very difficult in the modern African home. I have come up with over 21 recipes and have added interesting twists to already existing recipes. I also do Afro fusion, adding the flavors from Africa to continental cuisines. I have worked under the head Chef of African regent. I have taken over restaurants here in the capital including Sai Wine and Champagne Café, Tea Baa, Baffy’s Eatery. I have cooked in many homes and catered for many major events in the capital. I am inspired by Chef Selassie Of Midunu and fine dining Chef Raymond Blanc of France.

I am a private chef and my vision is to share with the world African flavors through new recipes and revised recipes in a soothing atmosphere with quality service. I am more concerned with the experiences I offer to clients or homes. So I am very key on the experiences both food and the general experiences. I am greatly inspired my Chef Midunu and her approach to sharing African food with the world.

I have added interesting twists to already existing Ghanaian recipes. I am currently working on a project called “A Journey To”. This project seeks to share the culture and heritage of four countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia and Ivory Coast) through food. Early this year in March I hosted the first event under this project “A Journey to Ghana, Road to Independence” which highlighted on how food played a role in the Gold coast (Ghana) road to obtaining independence. Interesting twists were added to Ghanaian recipes and presented in a modern way.


To contribute to the future of African Gastronomy, I want to come up with as many African recipes as possible and also, fine dining is a bit new to the Ghanaian market so I look forward to pushing the fine dining scene into the Ghanaian market and throughout the West African region. Also I seek to give tourists an experience with African food.