Kakole Assistant Mosiuoa

Kakole Assistant Mosiuoa


My name is Kakole Assistant Mosiuoa, I was born and grew up in South Africa in a  small township called Sharpeville in the south of Gauteng province. I am a culinary enthusiast focusing on modern afro fusion cuisine and I currently reside and work in the Limpopo province north of South Africa which is where I practice my trade as an Executive Chef at Kapama Private Game Reserve at camp Karula. I attended a few public schools in our area including Makapane primary, Tshoaranang primary, Tsoelopele Intermediate, Makabelane high and JET Nteo High school. I was introduced to culinary arts after accepting a job as a cleaner at a time when things became hard at home and I had to find means to help my mother support the family. After a few weeks watching the action in the kitchen I literally fell in love with it.

My training commenced a few weeks after entering into the kitchen environment, having requested an opportunity from my then Executive Chef who gladly allowed me the opportunity to learn the trade and explore my love for all thing culinary. I then work myself up in various establishments throughout the ranks, included in the establishments are Emerald resort & Casino, The Venue Melrose arch, Emperors Palace, The Grace Hotel, Ocean Grill( Marco Pierre White ,London) and recently at Kapama Private Game reserve. Working under fantastic chefs who contributed in my career and helped me realise my dream. Been mentored by South African greats, the likes of Chef Stuart Carson, Chef Benny Masokamelo, Chef Citrum Khumalo, Chef Deon Ventegras, the great Chef Marco Pierre White and many others. My most contributing venture include travelling across different parts of Europe and the US, places like Mexico, Italy France, Belgium, Spain and many others where I experienced and experimented on different cuisines and savouring different food from all these cultures alike. Been featured and winning  competitions such as The Vaal Meanders Best restaurant and Unilever Masters of Time also played a big role in filling me with confidence and the will to succeed and make African cuisine an internationally recognised cultural platform in the culinary world.

In my eyes African Gastronomy has grown vastly and has influenced a lot of international culinary prospects , my dream though is to project African food cultures in the world as a global ground breaker and to bring the likes of Michelin as a grading in our continent as I believe our cuisine has reached the ultimate climax in global gastronomy. Been inspired by legends such as Raymond Blanc, Marcus Wearing, Michael Roux junior, Dieuveil Malonga and many other chefs who have demonstrated in many year the possibility of food transformation and cultural translations through food.

Creating a platform for African Gastronomy through culinary interventions, recreational training through culinary arts and creating awareness through African Gastronomy exhibitions is my ultimate dream and through creation of an institution that aims at introducing less fortunate African youth to the culinary trade will be the greatest achievement. My belief is that all African chefs should be true to their culture and be proud and embrace the flavours of Africa in their gastronomic practices.