My name is Ismael,I am 28 years old. I’m from Burkina Faso but I live in Ivory Coast. After my first year in secondary school,I dedicated myself to learning a trade,my grandmother wanted me to become a farmer or a breeder,but my passion was to make people happy through food.

I obtained a two years training at ”hotel Laico Ouaga 200” which is a 5 star hotel in Ouagadougou,the capital of Burkina Faso. After my training I worked in the kitchen as an intern.I gained much knowledge and experience after working there for  several years and later had a job at ”Royale Plame” Restaurant as the head chef.

Two years later I decided to visit African countries like Senegal and Mali mainly to learn more about their cuisine,before finally settling in Ivory coast where I was warmly welcomed, and I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some big chefs from whom I learned a lot.

I think African cuisine is very rich and needs to be valued.Rather than focusing more on Asian and European cuisine, I think we can join heads together as chefs to create recipes that are 100% African.