chef Kofi

chef Kofi


I’m Chef Kofi, a native of Miami Gardens, FL. I began my culinary journey at the young age of 12. Born to Jamaican parents, I developed a wide flavor palette early in life, working in my father’s Jamaican restaurant located in Miami. By the age of 17, it became clear that I was to pursue a career as a chef.

I always had a deep passion for culinary arts. My first initial plan after graduating from high school was to attend culinary school. That ambitious plan did not unfold due to lack of support and insufficient funds  for school tuition. In 2010 I enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces as a food services specialist. I joined the military to serve my country, gain experience, and to earn money for culinary school. In 2014, I made a very important decision: to become a vegan. This was primarily because of my diet at the time. I ate processed food daily and this weighed on me spiritually, mentally and physically. I realized that among other factors, unhealthy food was a major cause of our illnesses and just as worse; access to incredibly healthy food was less available than I thought. From then on, I was determined to develop myself as a self-taught vegan enthusiast.

While in the Services, I had the opportunity to travel the globe and share my passion for vegan culinary, from North Carolina, USA to Afghanistan in Southern Asia.

Now a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, I’ve embarked on a mission to provide easy-access vegan dishes using ethnic traditional techniques through my new business, Dine369. An openhearted chef by nature, I believe in delivering a personal touch and we aim to do this by establishing a vegan food truck business in Miami, West Palm Beach.

The food truck is the perfect model. We’ll be stationed in spaces where people commute, often work and have recreation, and we’ll offer a healthy vegan, plant-based option that customers can choose from. Local events will source us as their food truck of choice because we deliver selectively organic ingredients for our meals, freshly cooked and accessible. We provide easy access and holistic health wrapped up into one.

To accomplish this goal, we need your support. We’re raising funds to reach our goal that will enable us to acquire the necessary resources needed.