My name is Majeur Andy, i am a 23 year old passionate chef of French and Guadeloupe nationality,i grew up on the beautiful islands of KARUKERA.It has been five years since i left i left my small town for the metropolitan city,Paris with the goal of becoming a chef.

My love for cooking started as a result of the good food that my grand mothers always cook.I will always go for a second plate ,i got my first cookery book from my aunt at the age of seven as my valentine gift, it was a magical moment for me, i felt privileged.

Upon my arrival in Paris ,i was faced with many difficulties,the culinary world wasn’t welcoming to me.I took up a cashier job in a supermarket. I discovered Africa in Paris,women in their African regalia,i found this very reassuring and magical.I also worked in a train and did different odd jobs which were far away from my dream vocation, i ended up finding a culinary school in Paris and  a restaurant were i would be practicing at Marlene and Thomas,they offered fresh food which would remind me of my grand mother’s cuisine.With them i got my first Diploma,and later began training in restaurant deserts.

I did more of a practical training at ” La machine a Coudre” with a self trained chef Bernadi Thomas who had a mastery of different products,he was later on replaced by chef Nicolas Cedric who had worked in star Restaurants, chefs like Marlene Buisson and Roy Julien have a positive influence on my culinary journey.

I am lover of good products, and i intend putting Africa to the limelight by using African and caribean products which are hardly known to the world,i feel happy for what Chef Dieuveil malonga is doing to put African cuisine on the world Gastronomy map.Afro-caribean cuisine suffers alot of criticsm for being too spicy ,too sweet and less diversified,which are barriers i aim to break.

i have created some exotic deserts,with each telling its own story.

I am presently working on a project called ”DIN FATOW” is all about the nostalgia of the lands we left behind.