Mohamed Si Abdelkader


About me

My name is Mohammed Si Abdelkader, I’m an Algerian of Origin,I’m  24 years old, currently working as a chef at Restaurant le Crystal in Paris. I’m a passionate chef,I fully devoted myself to this vocation at the age of 17,through my training course in the kitchen. After few years as an apprentice,I  literally fell in love with this universe of creativity and self expression.

At the end of my training,some Chefs discouraged me,telling me I was not made for this vocation,this was a challenge for me,this  was an opportunity for me to prove to myself my capabilities ,and I devoted  more time so to be the best in what I do. Thanks  to my perseverance I crossed the doors of the most renowned gastronomy restaurants In Paris.

Over the course of my adventure,I have established a stature of chefs of the ”Word of mouth” linked to the panache and the originality of my masterpiece.I subsequently won many prestigious competitions including the title of the best apprentice of France in 2013 and then there was Top Chef.

My cuisine is structured today,around the concept of innovative restaurants which offers a revisited Halal gastronomy,100% halal  inspired by the classics of French gastronomy,Eastern Europe but also in the Maghreb,while forming a real chemistry between the tastes  and colors,textures and flavors.

I firmly believe in the development of the African gastronomy,and that is what motivates me daily in the development of dishes. African gastronomy must innovate and modernize in order to sell more. Far from the cliches of exotic cuisine,the kitchen of the Maghreb,Africa are most generally an entire cuisine.

Pictures of my cooking