Zogbeu vehi roland

Zogbeu vehi roland


I am Zogbeu Vehi Roland, I am 26 years old. I was born in Côte-d’ Ivoire and I reside in Congo-Brazzaville prior to an employment contract in an establishment.

I followed a normal school route to a degree . During my studies, i enjoyed my evenings and weekends with  chef Séverin Diomande, who encouraged me a lot. With him, I learned  pastry, the pastry and a bit of cuisine. Six months after, my boss decided to check my skills by sending me on a mission to another city to work and cook for the French army for 2 years. It was after this experience that I decided to incorporate into a hotel management school in order to acquire a degree in hospitality. I continued to gain experience in different establishments.

My courage, my desire and my ability to work were noticed by Mr Taan Hussein, one of the leaders of the institution, in charge of pastries. He selected me to participate in different competitions. So, I have been awarded severally  up to being champion of Africa of Pasteries in 2013.

I am currently head pastry chef and trainer within the “Sugar Loaf” pastry in Pointe Noire in the Congo-Brazzaville. I also serves the second Vice President of the association of former students and students of the hotel schools of Côte d’Ivoire.

Culinary art is according to me, a gift of nature that inspires us to seek even more. African cuisine is full of huge unexploited potentials, like that of Europe, as Africa is the cradle of humanity.