Chef Prince Sithole, 21 year old on the rise.

Not every Black African man can proudly stand up and say that he loves to cook because we grew up thinking that cooking is for women. Cooking has always been one of the things I enjoyed doing even. Learning how to cook porridge at the age of seven with granny groomed me to the chef I am today.

When talking about first achievements in life, was when I signed my 1st contract at the age of 18 this contract was the one that officially made me a professional chef. Not so long ago was included in the list of the talented chefs in Africa. At age 19 I started my own mobile company called Green Apple Catering. I was once given an opportunity to run a hotel kitchen and give instructions.

He is currently working as chef in Cape Town at different Restaurants. He has also worked for a number of places in Johannesburg, to name a few Eat Bistro restaurant, Goldmine Café and Reef Hotel. He is a private chef and that means that he is a chef that cooks and bakes. Before leaving for Cape Town he used to go to schools around Johannesburg giving motivational talks on career choices since he started his journey of being a chef at a young age.

Green Apple as mentioned above is Prince’s mobile company, the name may sound weird, but it came about because a green apple is my favourite fruit, some call it green smith apples and because people always talking about the apple that was eaten at the Garden of Eden in the bible, I am religious person, so decided to call it Green Apple. And decision to start a mobile company was because I fell in love with food trucks so he decided that a food truck would be one the first things I get when I am a qualified chef.

Being a chef does not mean you will be able to cook everything and like everyone chefs have embarrassing moments in the kitchen too. “I cannot cook chicken livers to save my life, they always become pap,” says Prince. One story that sounds unbelievable but would get you laughing is that on his first days of work he burnt fifty leg portions of chicken, he burnt fifty portions each day for three days which made it a 150 burnt chicken portions by one person. In South Africa a lot of shows about chefs play and they tell us about how violent everyone is in the kitchen, Prince admitted to being one of the violent people in the kitchen. He says chefs are perfectionists and that is why they get angry when they cannot get a recipe correct.

His parents are from Zimbabwe but he was born at Coronation Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa. He went to live with his grandmother in Zimbabwe until the age of 10, when he was in grade 5. He came back to South Africa to get education, continued with school at Basa Tutorial Institute until his matric year. He has always been quite an achiever when the Beijing Olympic Association was in South Africa he won three gold medals for athletics. When he finished grade 12 at age 17 he went straight to a cooking school called the Global Chef and Hospitality School, he studied in Cape Town for six months because Cape Town is a place for tourists so he would learn international cuisines, after six months he went back home in Johannesburg. He studied Culinary Arts.

Being 21 means that he still has long way to go. There is something about street food that makes him love it and want to go cooking in the streets, he says with restaurants there is fine dining but with street food you cook straight from your mind and what you cook is determined by what your customers want and like. As he still has a long way to go its clear to say he is on the rise and nothing can stop him at this point……If you want to go through his daily life follow the social media pages.